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Home of AKC/U-GRCH/INT'L CH Keepsake Outta My Way STDs, HTADIs, HRDIs, HSAs otherwise known as Austin. Austin has shown real talent on sheep. Look for Austin in the ASCA, AHBA and AKC trial arenas beginning Summer 2007.

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 Past Litters

Austin x Esa
Born July 18, 2013

Showdown Outta The West


A BOBp winner at the BASC Conformation show, Tucker now resides in California with
Colleen Jeffers where besides being shown in conformation, he will also train in
noseworks and agility.  We expect great thing from this versatile and talented boy
and will post updates as he matures.

Showdown's Clears The Fences, DD, HIT (Sheep and Ducks), RPT


Andrea Nadeau of Ottawa Canada had her eye on this stunning girl when she
was just a few weeks old! We couldn't have asked for a better home
for Swing!!  Besides a show career, Swing will also train and compete in
agility, herding, disc, and dock diving!  Keep your eye on this talented girl!
 We'll post updates as she matures!

Showdown's Dare To Dream, CL1R, NTD

Kairi is owned loved and trained by Erin McCune of Canton, Ohio.  Kairi is
excelling in obedience work and has learned quite a few dog tricks. Kairi will
soon train in agility where Erin hopes to compete with her!  We'll keep you
posted on this talented girl as she matures.


Showdown Graham Cracker, NTD, ITD

Murphy is owned, loved and spoiled by Ronnie and Megan Tellalian of Streetsboro, Ohio.
 Murphy is a water boy through and through.  Much to Murphy's delight, he has
opportunity to swim and play in the water during the warm months of Ohio.
 Ronnie is hoping to explore dock diving with Murphy in the Summer of 2014.
 We'll keep you posted on this sweet boy as we have news

Showdown's Still Small Voice (Service Dog) 


A BOSp winner at the BASC Conformation show, now in training as a Service Dog,
Elijah is owned,
 loved and
 trained by Sandy Strahl of Arizona where he will
fill her needs in the Service area.  We are
proud and honored to offer
this boy to such an outstanding home. We look forward to
updates on
this boy and will post news as Sandy provides updates.


UAG1 Showdown Makin' Waves 

A BOSp winner at the BASC Conformation show, Mia is now owned loved
and trained by
Cindy Hartzburg and co-owned with Showdown.  Mia will compete in
Noseworks and Agility.  The future looks bright for this talented young
girl.  We'll post updates as she matures!




Both Austin x Henley litters below were co-bred by

Becky Tellalian of Showdown and Jennie Crytzer of Long Run Aussies

These breedings were an outcross with the main goal of producing intelligent,
talented, versatility prospects while bringing in some of the hard to come by
Old Arizona lines.  This breeding did not Disappoint!  Look for several of the dogs below
to hit the performance venues in 2014 and beyond!

Watch For More Updates Coming Soon!



Austin x Henley

Born April 9, 2011

Longrun Showdown at Firecreek RN, NW1, L1I, L1E, RATI, RATN


Cooper resides in CA with Terry Fisk of Firecreek Aussies where he will have
opportunity to compete in multi disciplines.  Cooper is currently training in
Noseworks, Tracking, Protection, Obedience, herding and beginning agility.  We hope
to see Cooper in the ASCA Breed Ring as he matures. We expect great
things from this multi talented boy and will post updates as we have them.

Cooper's first time on sheep

Cooper cooling off in the water tank after working sheep


Protection work

10 months, training track

 Cooper Training Track

Obedience work at 8 months

Christmas 2011!

Look out, mom, here I come!


A bundle of cuteness

Long Run Moonshine Showdown GS-N, NW1


Moonie resides with the Graveen family in CA where he is in training and
will compete in agility. Moonie also shows talent on stock and is currently training
on sheep! We'll post updates on this boy as he matures.


Moonie running FEO in Jumpers Novice at the ASCA agility trial held at
Jumpin' K-9's in Temecula, Ca.  
Go Moonie!!

Moonie eyeing the weaves at puppy class

Feeling quite satisfied after properly deflating his ball


The Handsome Moonie... 

Who can resist that sweet innocent face?  What a happy boy!

2011 Christmas photo!


Showdown Lolli of Cherokee


Lolli resides in Germany with Angelika Wohlnick of Cherokee Aussies.  Lolli will
compete in conformation and Obedience. We will post updates on this girl
as she matures

9 months

 Lolli 9 month stacked photo

9 month movement photo







Austin x Henley

Born July 8, 2010

UKC Ch Long Run's Rain Is A Good Thing, CGC


Owned by Jennie Cryzter of Long Run in PA

Rayn was Jennie's pick puppy from our first Austin x Henley litter.  
A sweet, talented girl, Rayn will be shown in Conformation, Rally and
will train on sheep beginning Spring of 2012.  Look for this versatile girl
to compete in multi venues as she matures.

Jennie's daughter, Addison, wins Best Junior Handler
at the ASCA show October 2012, Medina, Oh    


LongRun's More Is Always Better NAP, NJP, JSA-O, RAA-O, NW1
*Ranked #5 for 2014 in USASA's JWW Novice Preferred 16"
* Ranked #6 for 2014 in USASA's Novice Preferred 16" 


Boost resides in California where, besides being pampered and doted on by his family,
he will also compete in agility.  The multi talented Boost is competing and excelling
at Dock Diving, and shows nice talent on sheep!!  We expect great things
from this boy and will post updates as he matures.

Boost competing at a Splash Dogs event

Boost Splash Dog

Another Splash jump for Mr. Boost

Boost's first time on sheep!  

Taking a break at herding lesson, Boost is shown with his mom,
Cindy Valdez as he anxiously awaits another chance to
work his sheep!  

Counter surfing??  Even so, who can resist that sweet innocent face?  

Boost enjoying the boat ride while on vacation his family

A water boy through and through, Boost simply can't resist the dive, even
while on vacation!

The Handsome and debonair Boost at 17 months of age

Boost at 10 months 

   "Down" on the pause table 


 Longrun's Oso Blue Iris

"Blue" at 11 months 

Blue is living in Magadore, Ohio where she is a much loved member of her family
and a best bud to their aussie, Patch.  Blue enjoys Puppy Class
and will get to dabble in agility.  We look forward to hearing more about this
girl as she matures.

Blue at 8 weeks




Long Run Bailey

Bailey at 11 Months

Bailey resides in New York where she is spoiled rotten, pampered and doted on daily. 
She is well loved by her family and is a friend to all she meets and greets. We couldn't
have asked for a better pet home for this girl.  We'll post updates as we have them


Bailey at 8 Weeks




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